About Atelier Manju

Atelier Manju is constantly engaged in different kinds of woodworking (lathe work, joinery, etc.),
lacquer coating and decoration (maki-e, lacquer carving, etc.).
It was founded in Meiji period in the eastern hills of Kyoto by the first-generation master-craftsman called Uesugi Mineyoshi,
who was followed by his second and third-generation successors Uesugi Mitsuru and Uesugi Minoru.
Currently, the atelier's production is carried on by the fourth-generation craftsman Uesugi Gakusui, who is working with other members of his family.
Atelier mainly produces and sells tea utensils, incense tools and Sencha tea ceremony implements, as well as tea ceremony related lacquer products.
Though initially wood joinery was at the core of atelier’s activities,
now they also include all the stages of lacquerware production: wood base manufacturing
(not only joinery, but also lathe work), lacquer coating and decoration.
The atelier is a small family business carried out by the division of labour between four family members.
That's why the quantity of works produced here is limited, and different kinds of unique order-made items are carefully created one by one.
Numerous exhibitions of atelier's works have been held in various places so far.

Uesugi Gakusui
Craftsman's profile

Uesugi Gakusui

Work experience in lacquer art

  • 2005/03  Graduated from the Ishikawa Lathe Training Institute
  • 2008/03  Graduated from the Kagawa Urushi Lacquerware Institute
  • From 2008 Works at Atelier Uesugi Manju
  • 2003   Selected for the Takaoka Crafts Exhibition
  •       Selected for the 49th Japan Crafts Exhibition
  • 2012   Selected for the 59th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition of Kinki
  • 2013   Selected for the 60th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition of Kinki
  •       Selected for the 59th Kansai Art Exhibition

Currently, as the fourth-generation master of Uesugi Manju,
he is engaged in continuing his family business founded in Meiji period
and also in creating his own original works (carved lacquer, etc.).



Lacquerware is created using time-consuming and extremely detailed techniques.

After reinforcing the wood core with lacquer-based undercoat,
the piece is finished with multiple layers of urushi lacquer.

Uesugi Manju is a time-honoured atelier carrying out different stages of traditional lacquerware production process: woodworking (lathe work, joinery, etc.),
lacquering (undercoating, intermediate coating, finishing coating)
and decoration (maki-e, carved lacquer, etc.).

Repair and restoration services are performed here as well.

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